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Choosing a process date while scheduling a payment

The process date for a payment can be chosen while scheduling a payment from the Pay page.

Choosing a process date

  1. Hover over Payables and then click Pay
  2. From the list, locate the bill to be paid
  3. Click the calendar icon next to the existing process date
  4. Click on the preferred process date, which will be highlighted in dark grey


Continue scheduling the payment as usual. For more information on paying bills please see our help article here: Paying Bills


Things to Know

  • The earliest available process date will be the very next business day, not including holidays. If a payment needs to be expedited, consider the Pay Faster options. Learn more here: Pay Bills Faster 
  • Payments will not process on weekends or bank holidays
  • The process date for a payment cannot be changed/edited once a payment is scheduled