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Paying bills through

Make sure vendors receive your bill payments on time and credit you: allow time for the US Mail and/or for vendors to physically process your payments. We strongly recommend you schedule the Process Date of bill payments sufficiently ahead of their Due Date.

Sometimes, however, a payment may need to get to a vendor as soon as possible -- faster than our normal payment timing will allow. offers expedited payment timing for these kinds of situations --  the perfect solution to get checks and ePayments to your vendor quickly and reliably. Learn more here: Pay Bills Faster


Scheduling Bill Payments

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Pay.
  2. From the list, select the bills you're paying.
    • Review each Payment Amount and Process Date to make sure you'll have enough money in your bank account
    • Review each Arrives by date to make sure payments will reach your vendors by the Due Date
      • Note: Checks will always show Est. Arrival, since we cannot guarantee a delivery date for normal, non-expedited USPS delivery.
  3. Click Pay
  4. On the Payment Confirmation page, you can click Edit Memo Field(s) to customize the Memo fields for these payments if necessary. 


Things to know

  • The Process Date is when we withdraw money from your bank account to pay your bills. The Due Date is when your vendor expects payment. By default, we use a lead time of five business days between a bill's Process Date and Due Date.
    • To change the default lead time for all your bill payments
      1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings.
      2. Click Payables > Preferences
      3. Change the Lead Time
      4. Click Save
    • To change the lead time for an individual vendor
      1. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors
      2. From the list, select the vendor
      3. Click the edit icon 
      4. Change their Lead Time
      5. Click Save
  • When you pay vendors by check, we'll remind you on the Payment Confirmation page to invite these vendors to accept ePayments from you. Paying vendors electronically will save you money, and remove the hassle of keeping track of paper checks. Learn more about the benefits of ePayments, and how to invite your vendors to accept them, here: Inviting a vendor to be paid electronically