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Company name is cut off during QuickBooks Online sync setup


The company name is cut off during QuickBooks Online(QBO) sync set up, making it difficult to tell which company to connect to from the list.


If you have multiple companies in QuickBooks Online whose names are similar, and longer than 30 characters, you may have difficulty knowing which one to pick when setting up the QuickBooks Online sync. It might look something like this:



  1. In QuickBooks Online, rename your company to differentiate it in the list. For example, add an asterisk (*) to set it apart from other companies in your list with the same name.
    • Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for QBO to process and display the name change.
  2. Once the new name shows up in QBO, run the Sync Setup in 
  3. When prompted, select the new, renamed company. 
  4. Follow the sync setup guide to finish setting up the connection between and QuickBooks Online.