Sign in sync with QuickBooks Desktop utilizes the Sync Dashboard to transfer information between and QuickBooks Desktop. The Sync Dashboard is available for download in each account set to sync with QuickBooks Desktop.




QuickBooks to

With each sync, picks up QuickBooks changes to:

  • Accounts
  • Departments (called Classes in QuickBooks)
  • Vendors
  • Jobs (called "Customer: Jobs" in QuickBooks)
  • Book Balance - shown in Cash Forecast
  • Customers
  • Invoices (new and edited invoices)
  • Items to QuickBooks

QuickBooks picks up any changes to:

Things to know


  • recommends that all bills, vendor credits, approvals, and payments are made in the application.

Note: Any changes made in QuickBooks for bills, vendor credits, approvals and payments will not synchronize to


  • The date the sync is connected is considered the sync start date for AR invoices. If your sync was connected on 4/1/19, only AR invoices with invoice dates of 4/1/19 or later will sync into, no matter the creation date.
    • Any invoices dated before 4/1/19 will not sync from QuickBooks to, and Customer Support cannot force them over. 
    • If you manually create those invoices in, they will try to sync to QuickBooks, and there will be a duplicate error if the invoice already exists in QuickBooks. Delete the invoice in QuickBooks and let the newly created invoice in sync to QuickBooks
  • Invoices can be created in either QuickBooks or
  • Invoices created directly in can be edited until the invoice syncs to QuickBooks
    • After the sync, invoices can only be edited in QuickBooks.

Note: Although invoices cannot be edited in after syncing to QuickBooks, invoices can still be sent to customers and payments can still be recorded in