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Inviting a vendor to be paid electronically

Paying your bills electronically saves you money, and is more convenient for your vendors.There are several ways to connect; take a look at the options below, and invite your vendors to connect today! 7 out of 10 vendors invited to end up setting up accounts to receive ePayments. 


Connect or invite when adding new vendors

When you add a new vendor to your vendor list, we search the network to see if they already accept ePayments using, or give you the opportunity to invite them to right away. Learn more here


Invites on checks

If your Network Profile is set to Public, an invitation to get paid via ePayment will be printed on the check stub for all checks you send from This message will include your unique profile URL, so your vendors can easily connect and get paid electronically.


Check codes (Limited release)

We're doing a limited release of a new check codes feature! Your vendors can easily sign up for a free Basic Receivables account, where they can get paid by you, using a unique 6-digit code printed on your check stubs. Learn more here: check codes


Send mass invites

  1. On the Home page, click Pay Vendors via ePayment under Quick Links
  2. Click Invite Vendors
  3. Select which vendors you'd like to invite by clicking the checkboxes on the far right. To select all of your vendors, click Select: All at the top of the list on the right.
  4. Enter or edit the email addresses for each vendor, and click Next.
  5. Customize the invitation, and then click Send Invite.


Invite individually

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors.
  2. Click the name of the vendor you'd like to invite.
  3. If they use to accept ePayments, they may already be in our Network; we'll let you know if we think we may have found a match. Click To pay [your vendor name] electronically, review and connect now Review_and_connect_banner.png
    • Review the information for our potential match. If it's your vendor, click Connect. 
    • Not a match? Enter their email address and click Send Invite to invite them to join and connect with you! Recommendations.png
  4. If there is no match in the Network, just click To pay [your vendor name] electronically, invite them now 
    • Customize the invitation, and then click Send Invite                                                                  Invite_template.png


Vendors in the Network 

Does your vendor already accept payments using Search for them in our network, or check their Vendor Details page to see if we've found a match (see above).  

We'll also let you know if one or more of your vendors are in the Network by showing you a list of potential matches in various places around your account, including your Home page, Payment Confirmation page after paying vendors by check, and more!

Once your vendor sets up a free account using the link in your invite and enters their bank account information, we'll switch their payment method to ePayment, and send you an email to let you know.


Things to know

  • Vendor invitations expire after 60 days if not accepted