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Preparing for 1099 filing integrates with Tax1099 to bring you a fast, easy, and painless 1099 filing solution! Learn more here: 

If you choose not to use Tax1099, we have an alternative below. Here is how to use data with any 1099 solution that uses CSV files:


 I. Export your vendor list

    1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings
    2. Click Import/Export, and then click Vendors: Export All


II. Filter out your non-1099 vendors from the vendor export report

    1. Open the CSV in Excel
    2. Deselect all vendors marked No in the 1099 column. The result is your 1099 Vendor List.


III. Export your list of payments

    1. Click Reports
    2. Under Export Reports, click Payables Cash Details Export
    3. Select Last Year for Date Range, and then click Download
      • Note: If you have over 5,000 transactions,  you will need to run smaller date ranges.


IV. Filter out all non-1099 payments from the report.

    1. Open the CSV in Excel
    2. Add a filter by clicking Data > Filter, or click the funnel icon
    3. Select Vendor 1099, and then select to view only True
    4. For Dist Type, select to view only 6
    5. For Account Name (Account number will also work), select to filter out non-1099 categorized accounts
    6. The resulting list is your 1099 Vendor Payments


V. Filter your 1099 Vendor Payments list to show the sum paid for each vendor

      1. Open the CSV in Excel
      2. Click to create a new Pivot table based on the data exported
      3. Add a filter for Vendor 1099, and select True
      4. Add a filter for Dist Type, and select 6
      5. Add a filter or account name (and/or number) and select your 1099 categorized accounts
      6. Drag the Vendor Name to the Row Labels
      7. Drag the Total Payment Amount to Sum Values
      8. The resulting list is the total Payments made per 1099 vendor.


VI. Match the payments from the Payment List to your 1099 Vendor list.

    • We recommend the Excel vlookup function to do this quickly and accurately. The resulting list is your 1099 Vendor & Payment list. Save it as a CSV file.
    • Make sure your 1099 Vendor & Payment List conforms with the CSV format required by your 1099 filing solution, and import the list.


File early! During the last week of filing season, other filers may overload any 1099 solution providers' servers. Don't risk penalties by waiting until the last few days before Jan 31 to complete filing.