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Setting up an approval workflow

Approval customizations allow flexibility based on business need. Setting up the approvals workflow is one of the first steps to complete as part of the Setup Checklist. 

Setting up your workflow

  1. Hover over the gear icon , then click Settings
  2. In the Payables section, click Bill Approvals
  3. Click the edit icon 
    • Select if changes are allowed after bills have been approved:
      • Changes are not allowed: No changes can be made once the bill is approved
        • Note: If changes to an approved bill or vendor credit are needed, then the approvers must be removed and then rerouted for approval again after changes are made.
      • Allowed until every approver has approved: Changes are allowed any time until the final approver has approved.
        • Note: Once all approvers have approved the bill or vendor credit, changes can no longer be made.
      • Allowed anytime: Changes are allowed at any time until the bill is paid or the vendor credit is applied.
        • Note: Once a bill is paid or vendor credit has been applied, only a limited number of fields are editable.
    • Determine whether bills should be routed for approval or not:
      • Bills are routed for approval and are ready to be paid when approved: This setting will ensure that Payers are not reminded to pay bills until after the bills have been fully approved. Reminders will be sent in To Do emails, and will appear in To Do Lists when Payers log into When Payers navigate to the Pay Bills page, the filter will default to "Approved" bills.
        • Note: Users with "Pay unapproved bills via" and/or the "Pay unassigned bills via" permissions - Administrators and Custom user roles - can circumvent this rule and pay any bill, regardless of its approval status.
      • Bills don't need approval and are ready to be paid once entered into This setting allows bills to be paid as soon as they are entered into; no approvals are needed.
    • Choose up to 3 default approvers. These approvers will be auto-filled on future bills entered into as suggestions. They aren't mandatory approvers. See below for establishing mandatory approvers in an approval policy. 
  4. Click Save


Things to know

  • All approvers listed on a bill must approve the bill for it to be considered "Approved" and the bill must be approved in the order of the listed approvers. 


Need to make sure bills get approved by specific people if they're over a certain amount? Learn more about Approval Policies here: Customizing Approval Policies

Want to offer the option to set up a group, that includes up to ten users, where approval is only required by one of the individuals in that group? Learn more about Approval Groups here: Approval Groups