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Customizing approval policies for bills

Set up policies to require approvers for any bill or vendor credit, based on the dollar amount. Require a minimum number of approvers, specific approvers, or both.

If the person entering a bill or vendor credit fails to assign the required approvers, we stop them and show the name of the policy.

Create a new policy

  1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings 
  2. Under Payables, click Approvals
  3. Under Policies, click New
  4. On the New Policy page, set the following:
    • For: select Bills or Vendor Credits
    • Greater Than or Equal To: enter a dollar amount
    • # of Approvers: enter the minimum number of people who must be assigned to each bill
    • Mandatory: choose people who absolutely must approve
      • The order of approvers assigned to a bill must match the order of this list
  5. Click Save

Note: Your monthly subscription includes 1 approval policy. There is a nominal monthly fee of $5.00 for each additional policy created. For questions about pricing, go to and select the Sales department.


Edit an existing approval policy

  1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings 
  2. Under Payables, click Approvals
  3. Click the name of the approval policy to be edited
  4. Click the edit icon 
  5. Make necessary changes, and then click Save


Things to know

  • All approvers listed on a bill must approve the bill for it to be considered "Approved" and the bill must be approved in the order of the listed approvers
  • The order of approvers assigned to a bill must match the order of the mandatory approvers listed within any policy
  • The mandatory approver list order should match the default approver list order 
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