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QuickBooks Desktop Sync Error: The account number is already in use


The account number is already in use


When saving an accounts list, an error surfaces indicating the account number is in use. This error surfaces when a duplicate account in and Quickbooks is encountered.


Merge the duplicate accounts as follows:

 Note: When merging, you must keep the record that contains the integration ID

  1. Hover over the Gear icon and click Settings
  2. Click "Chart of Accounts" from the Accounting section
  3. Click Merge Duplicates
    • This will displays the chart of accounts table with a selector column
  4. Check the checkboxes for the two accounts that need to be merged
    • Note: Only two duplicates can be merged at a time. Multiple records require multiple merge steps.
  5. After selecting the accounts, a comparison table is displayed with the record information to choose which data (name, address, etc) to retain.
  6. Clicking merge will merge all payment information into one account preserving the selected information

After completing the merge, run the sync and the error should be resolved. If not, please contact Customer Support.


If there is not a duplicate account:

  1. In QuickBooks, place an asterisk (*) in the account name
  2. Initiate a sync to pull the account in to
  3. Merge the duplicate accounts in per the instructions above and keep the record that sync'd from QuickBooks (the one with the asterisk)

Note: If an asterisk has been added to the account name, be sure to remove after testing is complete.