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Inviting Canadian vendors to enter bank info

If you have vendors to pay in Canada, you can invite them to enter their own bank information to save time, and ensure the payment is headed to the right place.

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Inviting a Canadian vendor to enter bank info

If you have an existing vendor with Canada as their bank location, you can send them an invitation to enter their bank information for wire payments.

  1. Click Set up ePayments
    Classic Canadian setup epayments
  2. Edit the invitation if needed
  3. Select Default - make all vendor invitations like this one to set the invitation as default for all invites to Canadian vendors
  4. Click Send Invite
    Classic canadian invite edit and send

You'll see a confirmation page letting you know we sent the invitation, and we'll let you know when the vendor has entered bank info.

Classic canadian vendor invite confirmation

What the vendor sees

  • Your vendor receives an invitation email letting them know who invited them, who is, why their info will be secure, and that the invitation link expires in 7 days.
    Neo canadian vendor invite email
    • Company Name and Payment notification email is pre-filled from your vendor record and is not editable
    • Address and Business type is pre-filled from your vendor record but is editable
    • Anything changed here will update your vendor record
    • Your vendor is directed to you for any questions, and your contact info is pulled from your Company Profile
      Neo canadian vendor invite company info
  • When your vendor clicks Get Started on the invitation email, they are taken to the company info page
    • After the company info page, the vendor sees the add bank info page.
    • Vendor can select Wire or EFT (iACH) - required bank info is the same for either.
    • Vendor is again directed to their customer for any questions.
    • Vendor can select the currency of their payments, USD is only available to US dollar banks.
      Neo Canada vendor add bank
  • Once the vendor enters valid bank information and clicks Save and finish, they are notified that they are ready to get paid, and that they will receive an email when payment is on the way.Neo canadian vendor invite - success page

Things to know

  • Pricing for EFT(iACH) is the same as international wires
  • If your vendor decides to give you their bank info directly, you do not have cancel the invite before entering the bank info manually in your side
  • The invitation doesn’t appear in invites history
  • This workflow does not create a account for the vendor, it just gathers the info and updates your vendor record so you can send them payments