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SuiteTax feature with Oracle NetSuite

Currently, there is an issue with the sync between and Oracle NetSuite when the SuiteTax feature is enabled.

The current beta version of SuiteTax requires data from during a sync that is not available, causing the sync to fail. As a result, enabling SuiteTax prevents from completing a sync with Oracle NetSuite because SuiteTax is not currently supported by

SuiteTax is a new feature in Oracle NetSuite ERP that provides the calculation and storage of sale tax charged in transactions. This feature is in beta and is available to Oracle NetSuite customers upon request. Note that once a Oracle NetSuite account is upgraded from the legacy tax calculation feature to SuiteTax, it cannot be reversed.

We do not have a timeframe for enabling the sync to work with both Oracle NetSuite and SuiteTax simultaneously. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that enabling SuiteTax will prevent the sync with from working.