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Deleting a duplicate funds transfer

Due to the incident that occurred on Wednesday October 9, 2019 which resulted in payments that were scheduled to process on 10/9/19 being delayed by one business day, accounts experiencing the delays will have a duplicate funds transfer for those payments. If your account was affected, users with the default Administrator role will have received an email notification informing you so.

If you sync with accounting software, this funds transfer will also be in your accounting software resulting in a negative variance in your general ledger account selected for Money Out Clearing in your sync preferences. As we are not able to unsync data, you will need to manually delete the duplicate funds transfer from your accounting software.

How to delete the duplicate funds transfer

QuickBooks Online

  1. Click Company in QuickBooks Online
  2. Click Make Journal Entries
  3. Click Previous or Next until the duplicate entry is on the screen
  4. Click Edit
  5. Select Delete General Journal

QuickBooks for Windows / QuickBooks Enterprise

  1. Click Lists in QuickBooks
  2. Click Chart of Accounts
  3. Click on the correct GL account (most likely the Money Out Clearing)
  4. Click on the duplicate Journal Entry
  5. Click Edit Transaction
  6. Click Delete


  1. Click Accounting Menu in Xero
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Accounting
  4. Click Journal Report
  5. Click Manual Journals
  6. Click on the duplicate Journal Entry
  7. Click Journal Options
  8. Click Edit
  9. Click Delete

Sage Intacct

  1. Click Application in Sage Intacct
  2. Click General Ledger
  3. Click Journal Entries
  4. Click Cash Disbursements Journal
  5. Click View Transactions
  6. Select the duplicate entry (check box on the far left to reverse the entry or check box on the far right if selecting to delete the entry)
  7. Click Reverse or Delete depending on your preference and configuration
  8. Click Ok

Oracle NetSuite

  1. Click Application in Oracle NetSuite
  2. Click Transactions
  3. Click Financial
  4. Click Make Journal Entries
  5. Click List
  6. Click Edit on the Journal Entry
  7. Select Reverse or Delete depending on your configuration