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Automatic void of failed and returned payments

To avoid escheatment (when unclaimed funds or property must be turned over to the state) of failed/returned payments, will begin the auto-voiding and refunds of all failed or returned payment types, if no action has been taken by the bank authorized user after 90 days.

**Note: this will include any historical payments that failed 90 or more days ago, and have not yet been addressed

Notification of failed payments or returned checks is sent to your payer and admin via email, and a to do list notification is added. If the payer does not take action on the payment at issue after 90 days, we will void the payment, return the funds to the bank account (if it is still active), and __the original bill(s) will return to unpaid or partially paid__ as the case may be. You can then pay the bill again, delete if it is completely unpaid, or edit as desired.

If you have any questions or need to address a returned/failed payment refund to an alternate bank account, please contact Customer Support.