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Introducing Vendor Direct Payments email

You have received this email notification because we’ve identified one or more of your vendors that prefer to receive accepting payments via credit card. For these vendors, we introduce Vendor Direct payments.

To learn more about Vendor Direct payments see Vendor Direct - Frequently asked questions


Email Notification

Hi < customer name >,

To further our goal of eliminating paper and streamlining back-office operations, we’re introducing a brand new payment method this year: Vendor Direct payments.

A Vendor Direct payment is a 16-digit Mastercard number that automatically creates to facilitate payment of your invoices , once we confirm your supplier prefers to be paid by card. The card number can only be processed one-time for the exact amount of the payment you approved within Suppliers authorize and settle these card payments just like they do any other Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card.

You don’t need to do anything differently to take advantage of Vendor Direct. Simply review, approve and pay your bills within as usual. We’ll take care of making sure that your vendor receives the payment method that they prefer. And, the best part is that all Vendor Direct payments are free to you!

Check the list below to see which of your vendors has already confirmed that they prefer card payments. Going forward, you will see “Vendor Direct” as the payment method on the Pay Bills page and in your Vendor List, for those vendors who prefer card payments.

< List of vendor names >

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Thank you, The Team