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Email introducing Vendor Direct Payments

You have received this email notification because we’ve identified one or more of your vendors that prefer to receive accepting payments via credit card. For these vendors, we introduce Vendor Direct payments.


Email Notification

Now you can pay your vendors quickly and easily through—with no fees! Here’s how it works

  • When you pay a vendor who accepts virtual card payments, we’ll send them a secure, single-use number from Mastercard.
  • You can process the payment like a credit card for the exact amount of the invoice.

The best part? Virtual card payments are free, and there’s no setup required. Just review, approve, and pay from your account.

Here’s your list of vendors that accept virtual cards

< List of vendor names >

You can view your list anytime by going to the vendor details section of your account.

Check out our Vendor Direct - Frequently asked questions to learn more.

Your Virtual Card Payments Team