Sign in Vendor Direct: Change of payment method from virtual card to paper check

There are 2 reasons that could lead to a change in the payment method for a Vendor Direct payment.

Expired virtual card payment

Vendor Direct numbers expire on the last day of the month following the month it was issued. Once it expires, we will reissue the payment as a check. The check will be free and the original virtual card number will not be able to be processed by the vendor.

On the Payment details page for that payment, there will be a notification banner regarding change of payment method.

Vendor opts of Vendor Direct

If a vendor/supplier changes their payment preference and opts out of accepting Vendor Direct payments, the payment method on the vendor’s record will update from Vendor Direct to Check. Any inflight Vendor Direct payments that have not been authorized will be reissued as a check payment with no transaction fee. The original Vendor Direct card number will be immediately expired and cannot be used.

All future payments to the vendor will be by check with applicable transaction fees.