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What is Vendor Direct?

  • Vendor Direct virtual card is a digital payment method that is available in This payment method does not incur any transaction fees, and is delivered faster to your vendor, as compared to checks. A Vendor Direct payment is a Mastercard payment sent via email. The email includes a single-use card number that your vendor can process through their normal merchant card processing system.


Do I need to take any action to enable Vendor Direct?

  • No action is required — you don’t have to change a thing. Vendor Direct allows you to reduce or eliminate your payment transaction fees without changing your process or workflow. Your usual process of uploading, approving, and paying bills remains the same. Your bill payments are still funded from your bank account. We update your vendor’s payment method to Vendor Direct when we match your vendor in’s network of card-accepting vendors. This a network of vendors that are verified as card accepting and to whom has sent virtual card payments before.


Do you debit my bank account for Vendor Direct payments?

  • Yes, we will debit your bank account the same way we do for ePayment or Check payments


How much will you be charging for this service?

  • Payments made via Vendor Direct are free


How does the vendor process a Vendor Direct virtual card payment?

  • Vendors who accept virtual card payments receive a Welcome email with detailed instructions on how to process incoming payments. When a payment is initiated, a single-use Mastercard number is emailed to your vendor. The vendor will process this payment just like they do any other card payment, through their merchant card system.
  • Sometimes, your vendor accepts virtual card payments via phone, or via their online or voice portal. In these cases, instead of an email, we will deliver the Vendor Direct virtual card via the channel your vendor accepts.


How do I find out where the Vendor Direct payment has been sent?

  • Within the app, on the Payments Out page, you will see the Remittance Email to which the Vendor Direct virtual card payment has been sent. This is the email address at which your vendor accepts virtual card payments. If your vendor has told you that this email address is incorrect, please contact Support to get this changed.
  • If there is no Remittance Email listed, your vendor accepts virtual card payments via phone, or via their online or voice portal. In these cases, instead of an email, we will deliver the Vendor Direct virtual card via the channel your vendor accepts.

Where do vendors sign up to receive payments via Vendor Direct?

  • If one of your vendors has notified you that they accept card payments, you can contact Support. We will work quickly to make the change in our system so that all subsequent payments to that vendor go via Vendor Direct.


Will my vendor be charged to receive payment via this method?

  • does not assess a charge to the vendor for a Vendor Direct payment. In order to accept card payments, suppliers do pay fees to their merchant card processor. These fees vary widely, depending on what type of card processing system the vendor has enabled. Most vendors who accept card payments do so because this payment method allows them to get paid faster and gives then certainty of payment.


How do I know which vendors can be paid via Vendor Direct?

  • You can see which vendors will be paid with Vendor Direct on the Vendor Details page. You can also export the vendor list to see this.
  • On the Bills list, you can see which bills will be paid with Vendor Direct


Why has my Vendor Direct payment not cleared yet?

  • Vendors do not always process credit card payments daily. If you wait another day or so, you will usually find that the payment has been processed successfully.
  • If the payment has not cleared, and you are concerned about ensuring that the payment is made successfully, contact Support and will assist you in investigating


How does ensure that the vendor processes the Vendor Direct virtual card payment?

  • We send your vendors up to three reminder emails in the days after the payment is issued. We also call to follow-up with vendors after several days to see if they need help processing the payment.
  • If you would like to follow up with your vendor directly about the Vendor Direct payment, please feel free to do so. You may also want to follow up with your vendor directly to remind them to process your payment. For vendors that can receive payments via email, you can use the last four digits of the card number and the remittance email to help your vendor find the payment email. You can find this information in the Payment Details for that specific payment.


My vendor did not receive or cannot find the Mastercard payment, how can I resend it?

  • Please contact Support - they will be able to resend the Vendor Direct virtual card to your vendor. Alternatively, you can void the outstanding Vendor Direct payment, and send a new one.


Can a Vendor Direct payment be canceled or voided?

  • Yes, a Vendor Direct payment can be canceled as long as it has not yet been authorized through the supplier’s merchant card processing system. captures the status of the payment.  If the card was not authorized, you can cancel or void the payment through the application.


Do Vendor Direct payments expire?

  • The card number is valid from the issue date to the last day of the following month
    • Example: If a Vendor Direct payment was issued any day in January 2019, it will expire on the last day of February 2019


Am I able to use my own credit card to make payments?

  • The platform does not support paying vendors with personal or business credit cards at this time. Vendor Direct payments are free of transaction fees to you and provide your vendors with faster access to funds versus check payments.