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What is Vendor Direct?

  • Vendor Direct is a new digital payment method that will be available along with ePayment and Check in A Vendor Direct payment is a Mastercard payment sent via email that includes a single use card number that your vendor can then process through their normal merchant card processing system.


What are the benefits of using Vendor Direct for my vendor?

  • Faster and more secure payments
    • Your vendor no longer needs to wait for a check to arrive in the mail
  • Payment is more efficient for your vendor to process
    • They don’t need to go to a bank to deposit a check
  • Remittance data is delivered at the time of the payment to facilitate reconciliation


Do I need to take any action to enable Vendor Direct?

No action is required—you don’t have to change a thing. Vendor Direct allows you to reduce or eliminate your check payment transaction fees without changing your process or workflow. Your usual process of uploading, approving and paying bills remains the same, and your bill payments are still funded from your bank account. When your vendors chose to receive Vendor Direct payments rather than checks, we will notify you.


Do you debit my bank account for Vendor Direct payments?

  • Yes, we will debit your bank account the same way we do for ePayment or Check payments


How does my vendor accept a Vendor Direct payment?

  • Vendors who prefer Vendor Direct payments will receive a confirmation letter confirming their enrollment to accept credit card payments. This email will contain detailed instructions on how to process incoming payments. When the payment is initiated, a single-use Mastercard number is emailed to your vendor. The vendor will process this payment just like they do any other card payment through their merchant card system, getting an authorization and then settling their batch of card payments either daily or on whatever schedule their business has established.


Why did the payment method for my vendor automatically switch from Check to Vendor Direct?

  • This vendor has expressed a preference for accepting payments via credit card. Accordingly, switched this vendor’s payment preference in our system to Vendor Direct.


Where do vendors sign up to receive payments via Vendor Direct?

  • If one of your vendors has notified you that they prefer card payments, you can contact Support. We will work quickly to make the change in our system so that all subsequent payments to that vendor go via Vendor Direct.


How much will you be charging for this service?

  • Payments made via Vendor Direct are free.


Will my vendor be charged to receive payment via this method?

  • does not assess a charge to the vendor for a Vendor Direct payment. In order to accept card payments, suppliers do pay fees to their merchant card processor. These fees vary widely, depending on what type of card processing system the vendor has enabled. Most vendors who prefer card payments chose this method because they get paid faster and enjoy surety of payment.


How do I know which vendors can be paid via Vendor Direct?

  • The preference for Vendor Direct will be displayed in on the Vendor Details Page. The vendor’s payment preference is often also shown on their bills.


Why has my Vendor Direct payment not cleared yet?

  • Vendors do not always process credit card payments daily. It often depends on how many card payments they receive. If you wait another day or so, you will usually find that the payment has been processed successfully.
  • If the payment has not cleared, and you are concerned about ensuring that the payment is applied, contact Support and will assist you in investigating


My vendor did not receive their Mastercard payment. What can I do?

  • There are a few things that you can do to help your vendor
    • On the Payment details screen, in the Payment Info Sent To, if you see an email address, that is where the virtual card was sent to. Advise your vendor to search in that email inbox for the payment.
      • Please note it may be different from the payment notification email added on the vendor's record
    • If you do not see an email address this means your vendor will be directly contacted to process the payment
    • You can also use the last 4 digits of the card number on the payment details screen to help your vendor find the card info in their email
    • Just like with a missing check, you can void the outstanding Vendor Direct payment and then quickly issue a new one


Can a Vendor Direct payment be canceled or voided?

  • Yes, a Vendor Direct payment can be canceled as long as it has not yet been authorized through the supplier’s merchant card processing system
    • There is no fee for cancelling 


Do Vendor Direct payments expire?

  • Vendor Direct payments expire on the last day of the month following the month that the card payment was issued
    • Example: If a Vendor Direct payment was issued any day in January 2019, it will expire on the last day of February 2019


Am I able to use my own credit card to make payments?

  • The platform does not support paying vendors with personal or business credit cards at this time. Vendor Direct payments are free of transaction fees to you and provide your vendors with faster access to funds versus check payments.


Why don't I get rewards?

  • The platform does not support paying vendors with personal or business credit cards at this time.