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Sync Matrix for QuickBooks for Windows

Chart of Accounts/Sub-accounts  2-way
Departments  2-way 
- Departments are Classes in QuickBooks for Windows
Locations  NA
Classes  NA
Employees  NA
Project/Jobs  2-way (1-way from Accounting software to unless Advanced Receivables is enabled)
Bank Account Balance  1-way to
Vendors  2-way
Unpaid Bills  1-way from
Partially or Fully Paid Bills  1-way from
AP Bill Payments  1-way from
Unapplied Vendor Credits  1-way from
Partially or Fully Applied Vendor Credits   1-way from 
AP Funds Transfers  1-way from
Voids  NA
Customers/Sub-customers  2-way 
 Items  1-way to
 Unpaid Invoices  2-way (Edits entered into do not sync)
Partially or Fully Paid Invoices  2-way (Edits entered into do not sync) 
 Sales Tax  1-way to 
AR Payments  1-way from 
Credit Memos  NA
 AR Funds Transfers  1-way from (ePayments only, does not apply to credit card payments)
Voids  1-way from
Auto Sync  No


*Option for 1-way sync also available (please contact Customer Support)