Sign in Fax Number is expiring

Did you get an email?

If you haven't used your fax number in a while, it may expire.  Because fax numbers are a limited resource, it is our policy to reclaim unused numbers so they can be made available to new users.

How to keep your fax number

If you’d like to keep your fax number, you need to receive a fax to your number by November 16, 2018. Given that you haven’t been using your fax number, it seems you are already taking advantage of the numerous other seamless and digital ways to import bills into your account.  It's easy to use email, mobile phone or simply drag ‘n drop!

How to request a new fax number

Please note that your current number will be reclaimed in 30 days unless you start using it. If the number is reclaimed, you will not be able to retrieve and reinstate that specific fax number for future use. However, you can easily request a new fax number if you need one.