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Multi-Currency: Paying foreign currency bills

Note: As of March 25, 2020, we are unable to send payments to Jordan due to their country-wide lockdown. We will update this message as we receive new information.

Also, due to existing circumstances, some countries are experiencing payment delays as they transition to remote work environments. Please plan for additional time when sending payments to these countries, which you can find on the list of countries.

When scheduling payment for foreign currency bills, the US dollar equivalent for foreign currency bills will be seen by selecting the bill. The US dollar amount is valid for that day only.

  1. Hover over Payables, click Pay
  2. From the list, select the bill to pay
    • Process date for foreign currency bill can only be the next business day
      • The system will provide an error when selecting a future date
    • Payment amount is based on amount field on the bill. For partial payments, please enter the part of bill amount that you would like your vendor to receive.
  3. Click Pay
    • Your account will be debited via ACH in US dollars
    • The funds will be sent via International wire and will arrive as indicated by the “Arrives by date”


Things to know

  • Foreign currency bills can only be paid in foreign currency
  • When paying a foreign currency bill, the only process date available will be the next business day
  • Payments can be made from your USD bank accounts. USD equivalent for your foreign currency bills will be shown to you at the time of payment and your accounts will be debited for the USD dollar amount.
  • Foreign currency bills can be paid via the mobile app, both IOS and Android