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International Wire Transfers: Paying an International vendor

When paying an international vendor the bill should be entered in United States Dollars (USD). To pay:

  1. Hover over Payables, click Pay
  2. Select the bills to pay
    • Review each Payment Amount
      • Amount can be a partial payment
  3. Edit Process Date if needed - date the funds will be debited
  4. Click Pay next to the bank account to debit
    • The account will be debited via ACH in USD
    • Payment method will display Wire, as the funds will be sent via international wire
    • Payment will arrive as indicated by the Arrives by date
    • Indicative amount of what the vendor will receive if selecting to pay them in local currency
      • Note: This amount can change if selecting a future process date as exchange rates fluctuate constantly



The Swift confirmation number will be displayed on the Payment details page once the payment has processed.Swift_confirmation___highlighted.png

Provide the Wire reference number information to the vendor if the payment needs to be tracked.

Things to know

  • Multiple bills for the same International vendor can be combined into one payment
  • International vendors already setup to be paid via International Wire can be paid from within the mobile app, for both IOS and Android.