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International Wire Payments: Paying an International vendor

When paying an international vendor the bill should be entered in United States Dollars (USD). To pay:

  1. Hover over Payables, click Pay
  2. Select the bills to pay
    • Review each Payment Amount
      • Amount can be a partial payment
  3. Edit Process Date if needed - date the funds will be debited
  4. Click Pay next to the bank account to debit
    • The account will be debited via ACH in USD
    • Payment method will display Wire, as the funds will be sent via international wire
    • Payment will arrive as indicated by the Arrives by date
    • Indicative amount of what the vendor will receive if selecting to pay them in local currency
      • Note: This amount can change if selecting a future process date as exchange rates fluctuate constantly


If available, the Wire reference number will be displayed on the Payment details page once the payment has processed. Provide this reference number to your vendor if the payment needs to be traced.


Things to know

  • Multiple bills for the same International vendor can be combined into one payment
  • International vendors already setup to be paid via International Wire can be paid from within the mobile app, for both IOS and Android. 
  • Wire reference numbers may not be available for payments to certain countries, ie: India
  • Payment failure notifications can take 1-3 weeks depending on the receiving bank
  • Payments of $1 or less will be auto voided. International wire payments must be over $1.