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International Wire Payments: Setting up an International vendor for Wire transfer



Entering foreign bank account for International vendor

  1. On the International vendor's record, click Set up ePayments Java_-_Set_up_ePayments_button.png
  2. Enter Vendor bank account information, excluding dashes or spaces
    • Enter International bank branch identifier
    • Account Number: Bank Account Number of the vendor
    • Re-enter Account Number: to confirm account number
    • Payment Currency: Update or confirm the payment currency to deposit to the vendor
      • Local currency of the vendor
      • USD (if applicable)
        • We will always debit in USD
  3. Select Vendor Type
    • Company
    • Individual
  4. Enter Pay To name
    • This must match what the vendor's bank has on file or the payment could be rejected or held
      • Some recipient banks do not check to see that the name on the account matches the account number. At the other extreme, some recipient banks will not deposit the money into the account if the name on the money transfer is not exactly the same as the name on the bank account.
  5. Enter Payment Address
  6. Enter Payment info email
    • A payment notification email will be sent to the vendor at this email address
  7. Enter Payment Contact Phone; required for some countries
  8. Select Purposes of payment: will only show for countries that require it
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Done to confirm details 


Once the bank account is saved, the foreign bank information is displayed. Verify the bank information is correct.



Countries, Bank Branch Identifier and Currency Supported


Country Name Bank Branch Identifier

Currency Supported

Australia BSB (Bank-State-Branch): 6 alphanumeric AUD, USD
Austria IBAN: 20 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Belgium IBAN: 16 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Canada Institution & Transit Number: 8 or 9 digits* CAD, USD
China** Cnaps code: 12 digits CNY, USD
Cyprus IBAN: 28 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Czech Republic IBAN: 24 alphanumeric CZK, USD
Denmark IBAN: 18 alphanumeric EUR, DKK, USD
Estonia IBAN: 20 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Finland IBAN: 18 alphanumeric EUR, USD
France IBAN: 24 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Germany  IBAN: 24 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Greece  IBAN: 27 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Hong Kong Bank and Branch Code: 6 digits HKD, USD
Hungary** IBAN: 28 digits HUF, USD
India** IFSC code: 11 characters INR, USD
Ireland  IBAN: up to 22 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Israel IBAN: 23 alphanumeric ILS, USD
Italy  IBAN: 27 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Japan Zengin Bank & Branch Code: 7 digits JPY, USD
Latvia IBAN: 21 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Liechtenstein IBAN: 21 alphanumeric CHF, USD
Lithuania  IBAN: 20 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Luxembourg  IBAN: 20 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Malta  IBAN: 31 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Netherlands IBAN: 18 alphanumeric EUR, USD
New Zealand Bank Code: first 6 digits NZD, USD
Norway  IBAN: 15 alphanumeric EUR, NOK, USD
Poland  IBAN: 28 alphanumeric EUR, PLN, USD
Portugal  IBAN: 25 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Qatar** IBAN: 29 alphanumeric QAR, USD
Saudi Arabia** IBAN: 24 alphanumeric SAR, USD
Singapore  Bank and Branch Code: 7 digits SGD, USD
Slovakia IBAN: 24 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Slovenia  IBAN: 19 alphanumeric EUR, USD
South Africa** IBT Code: 8 characters ZAR, USD
Spain  IBAN: 24 alphanumeric EUR, USD
Sweden IBAN: 24 alphanumeric SEK, EUR, USD
Switzerland IBAN: 21 alphanumeric CHF, EUR, USD
Tunisia** IBAN: 24 alphanumeric TND, USD
Turkey** IBAN: 26 digits TRY, USD
United Kingdom Sort Code: 6 digits  GBP, EUR, USD

* If the vendor provided Canadian bank Institution and Transit Number is 8 digits and not accepted add a leading zero (0) to make it 9 digits.

  • Example: If provided 00301879 and it is not accepted, add a leading zero which makes it 000301879

** Purpose of payment is a regulatory requirement for this country. An additional field will be mandatory on foreign bank account setup.

Things to know

  • accounts with account type "Individual (Personal or household use)" will not be able to make International wire payments
  • Foreign bank accounts can be added for Vendors but only USD bank accounts can be added to to make payments from
  • Once a vendor's bank account has been added, it can not be edited. The bank will need to be deactivated and added again.
  • International vendors can not be setup for wire payment within the mobile app
  • Once an International vendor has been set up to receive wire payments within the online version of, they can be paid internationally via the mobile app, for both IOS and Android.