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Playing the "Call Recording" Disclaimer

When calling a customer, it is required to play the "Call Recording" disclaimer so they know the call is being recorded.  In the past, a script was provided for the agent to read to the customer.  As of March 2018, the updated process is for the agent to play a recording of the disclaimer from within the Five9 app.

Playing the Recording on the Call

1.  Click Play Audio File in the Five9 app


2.  Choose the "BDC - Call may be. . . " recording from the drop-down list


3.  Click Play arrow on the right


The recording will play one time each time the Play arrow is clicked.  Be sure to ask the customer if you can continue with the call once the recording.


Things to know

  1. This recording is designed for Outbound calls.  Most inbound routing includes the disclaimer prior to the call connecting with an agent.
  2. The ability to play a recording is set at the Agent (User) level.  If you do not have access to play the recording from an Outbound skill, contact your Lead or Manager.
  3. The availability of specific recordings is set by Skill.  If a recording is not available, check the Skill you are accessing.  Once confirmed that the Skill is Outbound, contact your Lead or Manager.
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