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Mobile App: Pay A Vendor feature with IOS

Pay a vendor quickly without creating a bill.

This feature is available to Administrator Users and custom roles with "edit bill" and "pay unassigned bills" permissions.

From the dashboard

  1. Click the + sign
  2. Click Pay a vendor
  3. Select the vendor
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Select the bank account to pay from, if more than one
  6. Select the process date
  7. Edit memo if applicable
    • By default, this field will be populated with the Invoice number and Vendor's account number (if applicable) after the payment is submitted
    • There is a character limit of 170
  8. Click Submit Payment
  9. Click Pay to confirm

Things to know

  • A bill is created in the background for this payment to be associated to
  • If syncing with an accounting software, both the bill and the payment will sync