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Payment Status

Contact the Payer
If you haven't received your payment, please contact the customer you are expecting the payment from. They'll have all the details about the processing of the invoice, any approvals that may be pending, and the timing of the payment.


Updates via Email
We know it can be tough to wait for a payment! is designed to get the funds to vendors quickly. The movement of funds through started once a customer makes the payment. Notifications are sent throughout the process to ensure that the vendor is kept up to date on the latest payment status.

An email notification is sent to the vendor when the payment is on its way. Please review that message for payment details. The payment status and scheduled deposit date are also published in the vendor's account, specifically detailing when the vendor can expect to see the funds in the bank account or when the check is expected to arrive via USPS.

If the email with the payment status has not arrived yet, please contact the customer. The customer will have complete information about the status of the payment and will be able to provide details about the timing. For security reasons, cannot provide details to a vendor about a payment that hasn't been issued yet.