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QuickBooks for Windows Sync: Best Practices for Vendor Credits

Vendor credits sync one-way from to QuickBooks for Windows (QBW), and vendor credit application syncs one-way from to QBW.

Vendor Credits are not applied via the sync until a bill is paid in full

  • If a Vendor Credit covers the FULL amount of a bill, the $0 payment marking the bill as completely paid in must sync to QBW for the vendor credit to be applied. 
  • If a credit only covers part of a bill's balance, the credit will not be applied in QBW until the remainder of the bill is paid, even if the credit is applied in

Manually applying credits in QBW is not suggested in most cases; if the credit is manually applied in QBW, the payment(s) itself associated to the same bill(s) will error, as the sync will not be able to apply credit at the same time as the payment(s).