Sign in check codes


Did you get a check with a 6-digit code from one of your customers? Use that code to sign up for a Basic Receivables account! 

Basic Receivables accounts are completely free! With one you can: 

  • Get paid electronically by all of your customers who use to pay their bills
  • Manage all your customers
  • Explore the Network, and connect with customers who using
  • Send eInvoices to other users
  • Receive documents in your Inbox
  • Manage invoices and record offline payments
  • ...and more!

Plus, you can use our award-winning iOS and Android app to do it all on the go. 


Go to, and enter the 6-digit code on your check to start using Basic Receivables. 




Don't see a check code?

Go to, and click No check code? No problem! Sign up now to get paid 2x-3x faster at the bottom of the page to sign up for your free Basic Receivables account.






Pay bills with, and want your checks to have this code? 


No problem! This feature is in a limited release right now, so it may not be on your checks yet. Ready to use it now?

Make sure your Network profile is public:

  1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings
  2. Under Your Company, click Profile
  3. Click 
  4. Under "Control your network profile visibility", select Public [Recommended]

Then, contact Customer Support by clicking Support at the bottom of any page in, and request "check codes" to be turned on for your account.