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Create a Job (manual)

The following article describes how a Job can be manually created in, depending on your accounting software.

NOTE: To save time, have your job details available as you enter information.

QuickBooks / QuickBooks Online

In, Jobs are tracked as Customers.

To create a Customer/Job in manually:

  1. On the Receivables drop-down, click Customers.
  2. On the Customers page, click New.
  3. On the New Customer page, enter Customer/Job details:
    • Customer Name (required)
    • Other details (as needed) to define the Job.
  4. Click Save

Sage Intacct

Jobs can only be synced in from Sage Intacct.

Oracle NetSuite

Jobs can only be synced to from Oracle NetSuite (Requires Bundle 3.1 or later)


Jobs are not supported in if integrating with Xero.


Import Jobs

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