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How to override Invoice Date with GL Posting Date

If you'd like to have bills post to the GL Posting date instead of the Invoice date, follow the steps below.   



  1. In Sage Intacct, hover over Accounts Payable. You will see one of two pages:
    • If you see this page, click Open Setup to see the page shown in the screenshot below 
    • Or this page: 
  2. Click Configure Account Payable, as shown in the screenshot above.
  3. Scroll down and look for Screen settings. Make sure GL posting date is set to Yes: Enable_override_of_GL_posting_date.png
  4.  Click Save


Things to know

  • This setting is not retroactive, and won't automatically apply to bills entered before you enable this setting. To make this setting affect existing bills, make an update to that bill, save, and then sync.