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Which versions of QuickBooks does integrate with?

Overview integrates with QuickBooks 2006 or later (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) and with QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus (please see details below). We currently do not support QuickBooks for Mac. integrates with the following versions of QuickBooks ONLY:

  • QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus
    • Please visit the QuickBooks Online Feature Comparison Chart to determine the subscription you will need to sync with, based on the features you would like to use, as some features available in are not supported by the QuickBooks Online Essentials subscription (i.e. class tracking, billable expenses, etc.)


Simple Start has a free version and a paid version ($99). It is a desktop version of QuickBooks that does not have the ability to integrate with any 3rd party applications, such as