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Adding a customer bank account

If a customer has provided their bank account information to you, it can be manually added to the Customer's record.

Add bank account

  1. Hover over RECEIVABLES, click on CUSTOMERS and locate the customer
  2. Under Auto Pay Info, next to Payments click Payments Setup
  3. Select Authorized
  5. Click ADD ACCOUNT
  6. Fill in all required fields and select My Customer has agreed to the Bill Payment Terms of Service
  7. Click SAVE will initiate a test transaction to the bank account, which will arrive within 1-3 banking days after the bank account is entered. 

  • The description line on the test transaction debit and credit will have the company name, followed by 
  • The amount is less than $1.
  • If either the debit or credit fails, the bank account will automatically be inactivated.
  • If bank information was entered incorrectly the bank account will need to be added again, a bank account can not be edited once saved.


Getting signed authorization from customers