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Implementing your Client Management Console

Table of Contents

The following article explains how to set up your Client Management Console, add clients, and obtain resources that help you utilize the Console to its fullest potential. 

Accessing the Console 

If not already logged in:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click Login 
  3. Enter your login credentials
  4. Click Sign In

If already logged into a client's account:

  1. Hover over the client name near the upper right and click View All
  2. Click Manage Console

Uploading a Console Logo

  1. From the Console, hover over the gear icon and click Logo 
  2. Click Choose File
  3. Select the image and click Upload Logo

Console clients will see this logo at the top of each page, and the logo moves to the bottom right corner.

Customizing the Login URL

  1. From the Console, hover over the gear icon and click Logo
  2. In the "Create a login URL with your logo" section, enter your company's name
  3. Save 

Console clients will log in using a customized URL that includes your accounting firm’s name.

Adding Staff Members

  1. From the Console, hover over the gear icon and click My Staff
  2. Click New
  3. Enter the name and email address of the staff member
  4. Select the appropriate Console Role
  5. Save

The staff member now has permission to work in the Console.

Create Custom Roles for Client Accounts

Custom roles can be added at the console level and synced to all client accounts using the instructions found here: Manage custom roles in Console

Adding Clients to the Console

  1. From the Console, click Clients
  2. Click Add Client Company
  3. Enter the required client company information 
    • Enter company contact information 
    • Select the client's Accounting Software 
    • Under Billing, check the box if your console will be paying the subscription fees for this client. Leave the box unchecked if the client will be managing their own billing information. 
    • Under Company Uses, check the box for each feature—Payables and/or Receivables—the client will be utilizing
    • Under Company Administrator, select a user to give permission to work on the company's bills
      • This user will be given administrator access to the client account and will be the sole user until others are added 
      • The best practice is to select someone familiar with setting up a client account (ie. a staff member who has been trained on client implementation)
  4. Save


Client Account Access for Staff Members

Once the client account is added to the console, grant client account access to the staff members that will be working in the account using the instructions found here: Client account access for staff members

Enabling and Disabling Features for Client Companies

  1. From the Console, hover over Features and click the feature that will be enabled or disabled
  2. If enabling the feature, click Use It to the right of the client's name
  3. If disabling the feature, click Don't Use It to the right of the client's name
    • Select a Reason to Cancel and enter a comment if applicable
    • Click Confirm 

Note: To enable or disable a feature on a client account, you must be an administrator for the client account and also a console admin. 

Entering Console Billing Information

  1. From the Console, click Billing 
  2. Click Add Card
  3. Enter the billing information
  4. Click Save Customer Profile


Explaining the Training Modules

  1. From the Console, click Training
  2. Select a training module to complete
    • Basic: Short videos that explain how to use to manage Payables and Receivables for your client
    • Expert: An online course that explains how to customize and automate workflows for greater efficiency, and how to handle special Payables and Receivables scenarios
      • Completing this course will earn you Expert Certification
    • Guru: An interactive course offering guidance on re-engineering an accountant's business processes with to increase efficiency and profitability
      • Completion of the Expert Certification course is a prerequisite 

Once you have completed some (or all) of our Advanced training, you will receive badges as recognition of your accomplishment. You can display the Expert and Guru badges on your blog, website, or other areas of your business. The badges are located at Training > Certifications

Accessing the Accountant Resource Center 

  1. From the Console, click Resources (blue link) 

The Accountant Resource Center provides you with everything you need to educate clients about and ensure a smooth implementation. Resources include videos, client questionnaires, user handouts, customizable training presentations, strategy white papers, FAQs, pricing calculators, and more!  





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