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Basic Payables and Basic Receivables Accounts - Getting Verified FAQ

Your free account lets you pay bills or get paid by any paid subscriber with no additional cost to you. Now you can get verified, pay all of your vendors or get paid by any customer, and pay only the transaction fees.

Why get verified?

Getting verified will allow you to pay any vendor, or get paid by any customer — even the ones who don’t use! You'll also get a bunch of great new features:

Verified Basic Payables

  • Manage all bills and vendor credits
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Send checks / ePayments to any vendor*
  • Invite vendors to join the Network
  • Get eBills and eCredits from Network-connected vendors
  • Collaborate with any vendor 

Verified Basic Receivables

  • Send unlimited invoices and credit memos
  • Get paid by any customer*
  • Invite all your customers to join the Network
  • Visibility into invoice approval and payment status for Network-connected customers
  • Collaborate with any customer

* Small transaction fees apply for vendors/customers who are not paid subscribers - see pricing details below for more information.


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How verification works

There are two parts to getting verified.  Each part takes only a few minutes.

  1. Verify your identity
    • We’ll ask you a series of questions about you that only you know the answers to. These questions are based on information pulled from the public record.
  2. Verify you have access to the bank account you’ll be using to transact
    • There are two options to complete this process:
      • You can choose "Instant verification" and enter your online banking account credentials to link your bank to your account, verifying the routing number and bank account number
      • Or, you can choose to enter your bank info manually.  In this process, we’ll send a small test deposit to your bank account.  Once it arrives, you will verify the amounts in the account.  The test deposit will take 1-2 business days to arrive in your bank account and will reference

Simply click the link in the banner on your home page. It will look something like this: 

 Once you complete verification you can start transacting with any vendor or customer!


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There is no monthly subscription fee for your Basic Payables or Basic Receivables account. All you pay are the transaction fees. Here's how the pricing works: 


  • To or from users with paid monthly subscriptions: Always 100% free
  • To or from Basic users or users: First 5 ePayments per month are free, 49¢ each after that.

Note: If using both Basic Payables and Basic Receivables, first 5 ePayments include both sending an ePayment and receiving an ePayment.

Checks (Basic Payables only)

  • $1.49/check


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