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Troubleshooting multi-factor authentication (MFA)

When working in the app, if multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes are not being received, there are a few important things to know to troubleshoot the issue. 

Codes are not arriving

  • Codes must be sent directly. They cannot be routed to an extension. Always use a direct line for MFA
  • The device may need to be restarted
  • The carrier may not allow short codes (this is the 4 digit number from which the code is sent). Please contact Customer Support if you think this may be the case 
  • If the phone is unable to receive codes, please try using Google Voice or Skype (see below)
  • Customer Support can check to see if the codes are being sent. Please contact Support if the above solutions are not working

Receiving codes when out of the country

MFA may not be available outside the United States (US) if the device will not receive calls or text messages while out of the country. As a work around, in case the US number does not work internationally, adding a backup number that can receive the codes would be the best alternative. Access to the primary number is necessary to add the secondary number, so make sure that a backup is entered prior to leaving the country!

To add a backup number (if you do not already have one)

  1. From the To Do list on the home page, click Additional Security Setup
  2. Above the Backup Phone section, click the Add Backup Phone link
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the setup

If you don't have a backup

Here are a couple of suggestions if a back-up number within is not an option:


  • It is best practice to not share numbers or use another person’s phone number for MFA
  • MFA is available via text to international numbers. For more information, please click here