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Data Entry Service vs. Auto Bill Entry

For many years our Data Entry Service has processed the documents from your Inbox into your account. We're now offering a new, similar service - Auto Bill Entry. Learn more about the differences between the two services below. 



Data Entry Service

Auto Bill Entry

  • Multiple bills can be created from one, multi-page document
  • One bill per document
  • Every document in your Inbox is sent for processing
  • PDFs with more than 10 pages are automatically sent for processing
  • You choose which other images/documents are sent for processing with the click of a button
  • Built in to the experience
  • Processing by a third-party provider, CloudFactory
  • Enabled/disabled in the Settings > Features page
  • Can only be enabled by users with specific permissions
  • Can be enabled/disabled right from the Next Generation Inbox
  • Can be enabled by any user with access to the Inbox
  • No email notifications when Data Entry Service finishes processing documents, or if processing fails
  • Daily digest email lets you know when documents have been processed, and are ready for review.
  • Price: $1.99 per bill
  • Price: $0.50 per bill
  • Bills and new vendors are automatically created for you
  • You have control; you get to decide how to manage new information processed by CloudFactory 
  • When Data Entry Service can't enter a bill due to missing information, the document is returned to the Inbox, and you have to enter it from scratch.
  • If some info is missing the bill is created, and you review and fix/enter missing info before saving.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • CloudFactory returns a very high degree of accuracy, and allows you to review, fix, an enter missing information before the bill is sent for approval or payment.
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