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July 2016 - Release Highlights

User Experience Improvements


Auto Bill Entry

Auto Bill Entry Digest Email

It’s easy to keep on top of things with Auto Bill Entry. We’ll email you every day to let you know when documents have been processed, and are ready for review.

Accountants and Auto Bill Entry

Clients who you bill directly aren’t able to turn Auto Bill Entry on in their accounts, themselves—you have complete control.  Now you can turn on Auto Bill Entry for them, quickly and easily! Simply log into your clients’ accounts, and opt into Auto Bill Entry from their Inbox.

Auto Bill Entry - FAQ


More Accurate Language for Checks

We’ve heard your frustration that the language surrounding check delivery dates isn’t clear. Since checks are delivered via USPS, we can’t guarantee an exact delivery date, but we give you our best estimate. We’ve changed the language to reflect that our provided date is an estimate.

Process Date vs “Arrives by” Date



Mobile App (iOS)


Available Now

Do a lot of work on the go? Now you can invite your vendors to join the Network to get paid electronically, or connect with vendors already in the Network, right from your phone!  

The Mobile App


Coming Soon

Coming in early August we’ll be releasing even more great new features to iOS users! Soon you’ll be able to create and send invoices from the mobile app—including adding new customers and items, adding tax and discounts, and sending invoices via email and USPS. 


(Note: We’re working on getting all of the above features ready for Android. Keep an eye out for an announcement!)

Sync Improvements



In addition to improving sync performance in general, we’ve made some changes to improve how and NetSuite work together.

Automatic Updates for NetSuite Bundles

Now your sync bundle will be kept up to date automatically - you no longer need to check and update the bundle manually!

New in NetSuite 2016.1

  • Work Calendar
    • Now vendors can sync freely back and forth between NetSuite and without disturbing the required Work Calendar field in NetSuite. The sync will ensure that field is always filled with the default.
  • Auto Vendor Numbering
    • A recent change from NetSuite caused sync errors in accounts where the setting “Override Auto-Numbering”  had been selected, preventing Vendor IDs from being assigned to vendors. We’ve updated the sync to make sure that Vendor IDs are being generated in NetSuite, and synced back to

NetSuite Sync - Best Practices and Additional Information



We want to make sure the sync is making your life easier and complementing your workflow. Now you can opt to sync only approved bills and invoices from Xero into  Enable this setting by selecting Sync Status under the sync icon, and then clicking Sync Preferences. Then select Sync only approved bills and invoices from Xero to

Sync Bills and Invoices Approved in Xero