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View in feature in NetSuite is not available.

Issue: View in feature in NetSuite is not available.


Background: Sometimes after a client begins using the sync with NetSuite, the view in feature in NetSuite for bills is simply missing from their accounting software. 


Solution: In preparation for completing the necessary steps in NetSuite, deactivate the NetSuite application on the affected account, then re-activate it using the same start date. This will leave the sync in a state of needing to be setup again by the administrator.

The first thing you should check for in NetSuite should be inactive preferences that may be preventing the active preferences from allowing this feature to be avaiable and function properly. In NetSuite go to customization>lists, records & fields>record types> preferences> all the way over in this same row to the right click on "list".

From here, click on "show inactives" (see attached screen shot). Once you see the inactive record(s) click on edit for the inactive record(s). From here, hover over "actions" and click delete. Once the inactive record(s) are permanently deleting from NetSuite in this fashion, the view in functionality should be restored. 

Have the client now reconnect the NetSuite sync from within their account, and this feature should now work as designed. If this does not resolve the issue, escalate the ticket to Tier 3 for further follow up.

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