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May 2016 - Release Highlights

Did you miss our Release Webinar? 

No problem! Watch the recording here: May 2016 Release Webinar Mobile app

Our award-winning mobile app has some great new features coming in mid-May. You'll be able to add bills with your phone’s camera (or upload an existing photo), edit, and then route for approval. You can also access all vendor and customer information and view detailed payment tracking timelines for bill payments.

Note: These features will be available for iOS in mid-May. Keep an eye out for announcements about the corresponding Android release date. 

The Mobile App




User Experience Improvements and Requested Feature Enhancements


Next Generation Inbox

Some exciting new changes are coming to the Inbox! We’ve used a modern design and new technologies to make an Inbox that’s easier and more intuitive to use. It’s less cluttered, with larger preview images of documents.

This will be a phased release, so you may not see it right away. Keep an eye out for the “Try the new Inbox” button, so you can try it as soon as it’s available!

 Introducing: Next Generation Inbox and Auto Bill Entry 



Auto Bill Entry by CloudFactory

Many of you already use our existing Data Entry Service, and we think you’ll love what’s coming next! CloudFactory, a third-party provider, processes documents from your Inbox, entering them as bills for you to review in just 1 business day, for just $0.50 per bill. Auto Bill Entry by CloudFactory is easy to enable, gives you a great deal of control, and is easy to turn off at any time (but we don’t think you’ll want to!). This will also be a phased release; it will be available at the same time as the Next Generation Inbox.


Auto Bill Entry - FAQ


Multiple Default Approvers

This is a feature that’s been requested often, and we’re happy to be able to finally bring it to you! You may want to have approvers automatically added to each bill, but not be locked into an approver policy with required approvers. Now you can specify up to 3 default approvers for bills (including recurring bills), and vendor credits. They’ll show up as suggestions, which can be changed or removed prior to saving the bill.

Setting up an approver workflow



Receivables: Control which invoices are paid using Auto Pay

Here’s another commonly-requested feature. Having customers on Auto Pay is great—you get paid on time, every time. But sometimes, an Auto Pay customer might have a one-off invoice that shouldn’t be paid automatically. Now you can choose whether an invoice should be auto-paid or not, on a per-invoice basis. You’ll see the option when creating a new invoice, or when editing an existing one.


Auto Pay - Individual invoices integration

Our new integration with allows you to quickly and easily invoice your customers from closed won opportunities. All the power of receivables—email and mail invoices, send reminders, and get paid electronically— with no additional manual data entry. The integration with is provided by our partner, OneSaas.


Connect with


More Network connection and invite opportunities

We’re always looking for new ways to help get you connected with vendors so you can pay them electronically, which saves you money and keeps your vendors happy. In this release, we’ll start displaying opportunities to connect on Vendor Detail pages, and immediately after you add a new bill.




Sync and Import/Export


New Sync Status page (Beta)

We’re doing an overhaul on the sync status page, making it much easier to use. When sync conflicts occur, you’ll now be able to easily see what the conflict is, why it occurred, and how to resolve.

This feature is in beta, and will be released in phases to all Sync 2.0 users on QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct, or NetSuite.




Sync 2.0 Update

We’ve made the sync more robust so that if you manage multiple companies/entities in your accounting system, we will prevent you from accidentally syncing to a different company/entity from the same account. We’ll show you a warning and put you in touch with Customer Support, so they can help make sure your sync is set up correctly.

Note: This is available for all 2.0 Syncs: QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite.



NetSuite Bundle Updates

Now all NetSuite users on the latest bundle version will have Document Sync available, allowing documents attached to NetSuite bills to sync into in a matter of seconds.



Import / Export

For you users who either don’t use an accounting system, or use one we don’t sync with, we’ve made some great changes to make your life easier. We’ve added a bunch of new Dimensions, which allows for more customizable bills and invoices, including custom Vendor/Customer IDs.

And Sage50 users have been requesting this one for a while—you can now create new Items in your account, and use them on your invoices.