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Auto Pay - Individual invoices

Having customers on Auto Pay is great—you get paid on time, every time. But sometimes, an Auto Pay customer might have a one-off invoice that shouldn’t be paid automatically. Choose whether an invoice should be auto-paid or not, on a per-invoice basis. 

Turning off Auto Pay for individual invoices

It's easy! When entering an invoice for a customer on Auto Pay, simply deselect Automatically pay bill at the bottom, before clicking Save

What about recurring invoices, or invoices that already exist?

Recurring invoices are set to Auto Pay by default, and it can't be turned off when you set up a new recurring invoice. However, you can turn off Auto Pay for any invoice, even one created by a recurring invoice rule. 

  1. Locate the invoice in
  2. Click the edit icon 
  3. Select or deselect Automatically pay this bill as appropriate
  4. Click Save

Syncing with QuickBooks for Windows

Invoices synced in from QuickBooks for Windows can not be edited in Therefore, auto pay can not be turned off for invoices synced in from QuickBooks for Windows.