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Introducing: Next Generation Inbox and Auto Bill Entry

Check out the video below to learn more about our fantastic new updates to the Inbox. We're releasing these features in phases, so you may not see them in your account immediately, but they're coming soon!


Next Generation Inbox

We’ve used a modern design and new technologies to make an Inbox that’s easier and more intuitive to use. It’s less cluttered, with larger preview images of documents, and with the most commonly-used actions clearly visible.


Auto Bill Entry

CloudFactory, a third-party provider, processes documents from your Inbox, entering them as bills for you to review in just 1 business day, for just $0.50 per bill. Auto Bill Entry by CloudFactory is easy to enable, gives you a great deal of control, and is easy to turn off at any timebut trust us, you won't want to!

Auto Bill Entry - FAQ

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