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Intacct Sync Guide: Install the Customization Package in Intacct

Installing the customization package is required to successfully integrate and Intacct. The customization package allows you to do the following:

  • In Intacct, view bill or invoice images you have entered in by clicking View Details in

  • In, track Intacct updates for deleted Departments, Locations, Vendors, Accounts, Classes, Customers, Items, Projects, Employees, Bills, and Invoices 



To install the customization package, complete the following steps at the Root/Top Level in Intacct: 

  1. A subscription to Customization Services/Platform Services in Intacct is required
    • Navigate to Company > Subscriptions 
    • Select Web Services 
    • Click Subscribe 
  2. Click the following link, or copy/paste it into your browser:
  3. Right-click on the page and select Save As, or click Ctrl+S to save as an XML Document 
  4. The navigation for this final step varies depending on if your Intacct environment utilizes either Customization Services or Platform Services:
    • Customization Services
      • In Intacct, go to Customization Services > Customization Packages > Add
      • Click Choose File and select the saved XML Document file from your desktop 
      • Click Save
    • Platform Services
      • In Intacct, go to Platform Services > Packages > New Package
      • Click Choose File and select the saved XML Document file from your desktop
      • Click Import 



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