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Oracle NetSuite Sync: Determining default approval status for bills syncing to Oracle NetSuite


The approval status of a bill syncing from to Oracle NetSuite is determined by the Approval Routing and Default Vendor Approval Status settings in Oracle NetSuite. 


Enabling Approval Routing:

  1. In Oracle NetSuite, navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences 
  2. Click the Approval Routing subtab
  3. Check Vendor Bills
    • If Vendor Bills is checked, any bill syncing to or created in Oracle NetSuite will have a default status of Pending Approval
    • If Vendor Bills is unchecked, any bill syncing to or created in Oracle NetSuite will have a default status of Approved 
  4. Click Save

Setting the Default Vendor Approval Status: 

  1. In Oracle NetSuite go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences
  2. Click the Order Management subtab
  3. In the Default Vendor Bill Status field, choose one of the following:
    • Approved – Bills default to an Approved status. No further review or processing is required before a payment is processed
    • Pending Approval – Bills default to a Pending Approval status. Someone with permission must approve the bill before a payment can be processed for it
  4. Click Save

Enabling Custom Vendor Approvals:

  1. Please refer to the following Oracle NetSuite Help Center article for assistance with Using SuiteFlow for Vendor Bill Approvals: