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Managing bills and payments with Basic Payables

For free Basic Payables accounts started before 10/20/16, you can pay any company using to accept payments! Once you set up your bank account, you're ready to create, manage, and pay bills!

Table of Contents

  1. Create a new bill
  2. Paying bills
  3. Cancel payments
  4. Things to know
  5. Resources


Create a new bill/vendor credit

Bill or vendor credit with a document:

  • Have you set up your Inbox yet? If not, you may want to do that first. You'll set up an email address, so you or others can email documents directly to your Inbox. You can also upload directly. 
  1. In your account, click Inbox at the top of the page. If you haven't uploaded your document yet, do so now.
  2. Locate your document, and click Create a New: Bill or Vendor Credit
  3. Fill out the bill or vendor credit details, and then click Save. If you have multiple items in your Inbox, click Save and Next Item to process them quickly, without having to return to the Inbox.

Bill or vendor credit without a document:

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Bills
  2. By default, you'll land on the Bills page. To create a new bill, click New. To create a new vendor credit, click All Vendor Credits, and then click New
  3. Click Enter...information without adding a document
  4. Fill out all applicable information, and then click Save. To create multiple new bills or vendor credits, click Save & New to immediately begin working on the next item.


Paying bills

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Bills. You can also click one of the links under Open Bills
  2. Click an invoice number in the left-hand column 
  3. Click View Payment Options 
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay, and choose a Process Date. If you have any vendor credits available, apply them after the payment has been scheduled.    
    • The Process Date is the day we withdraw funds from your bank account. 
  5. When you're ready, click Pay. You'll see the Payment Confirmation page, where you can edit the memo field if necessary.


Congratulations! You're done! 


Cancel payments

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Payments
  2. By default, you'll be directed to Scheduled Payments. Here, click the Payment Confirmation number for the payment to be canceled. 
  3. Click Cancel this Payment, and then confirm.

Now that the payment is canceled, the bill will return to Unpaid status and can be paid again from the Bills page.

Note: Once a payment has been scheduled, you can cancel it up until the Process Date. After the Process Date, the payment can only be voided. Once a void request is placed, our Operations team will check to make sure the funds haven't already been disbursed before voiding the payment. 


Things to know

  • Vendor credit application is not supported at this time