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February 2016 - Release Highlights

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March 2, 2016
11am PT/2pm ET
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 Mobile App

Our award-winning mobile app is getting some great new upgrades during this release! Receivables users will now be able to manage their Receivables directly from their phone, including viewing and managing Customer details. And Payables users can now use View All Bills, as well as Additional Bill Details, and access a new and improved Payments and Approval History. Lastly, we’ve introduced push notifications for Received Payments and messages you’re tagged in, so you can easily stay on top of things.

The Mobile App Network

More places to connect with vendors

ePayments and the Network help you and your vendors get the most out of paying bills with Your vendors get paid faster, you save money, and you no longer have to worry about keeping track of paper checks. To help you get connected, we’ll display more opportunities to connect with the vendors you’ve worked with recently, including on the Payment Confirmation page. We’ve also redesigned the Network Overview page to show you potential matches to your existing customers and vendors, as well as any other businesses you may want to invite to get paid by you electronically.

Invite vendors to join the Network when setting them up manually for ePayments

Now, when you set up ePayment vendors by manually adding their bank account information, we’ll send them an email explaining the benefits of having their own free account.


Basic Payables - new free accounts for your customers

Invite your customers to open free Basic Payables accounts, and get paid electronically! You get paid faster and more securely, and your customers get all the benefits of using free account from which to manage their payment information, all their contacts, mobile app access, and more!

Basic Payables Overview



User Experience Improvements

Applying Vendor Credits

We’ve made some improvements to our vendor credits feature. Now, when you pay a bill in full with vendor credits, we’ll automatically record the bill as Paid. No more recording $0 payments from the Pay page. Just use your credits when you have them, and you’re done.

Additionally, we’re introducing the option to automatically apply available vendor credits, as well as the option to notify your vendor by email when their vendor credits are applied to a bill.  

Note: There are some known limitations with the QuickBooks Online sync. Learn more here

Applying vendor credits to a bill


Sync and Import/Export

Upgrading to Sync 2.0 for QuickBooks Online, Xero, and NetSuite

We’re improving the upgrade process for our Sync 2.0, so upgrading is fast and easy. For more information on how to upgrade, contact Customer Support.


Conflict Management

We’re always working to improve your sync experience, making it more hands-off and headache-free. In this release, we’ve made updates to address some common sync conflicts, and improved sync conflict visibility. Sync conflicts requiring action from you or your team will be marked with clear messaging, letting you know the exact steps needed to resolve the conflict.


Purchase Order Number Support for Intacct Sync 2.0

In our last release we announced Purchase Order Number support for NetSuite Sync 2.0: when a bill is created from a purchase order, the purchase order number will sync to as a read-only field. With this release, Purchase Order Number support is now available for Intacct Sync 2.0.

How Purchase Orders work with

NetSuite Sync Updates

We’ve improved the NetSuite Sync 2.0 experience in many ways, including:

  • Made improvements to the upgrade process, making upgrading to NetSuite Sync 2.0  faster and easier.
  • Fixed some known sync limitations (like supporting Vendors as tax agencies in, making sync more flexible, and preventing it from ending abruptly). 

Import/Export Support for Vendor Credits and Credit Memos


This is a frequently-requested addition to our existing Import/Export feature, and we’re happy  to report it’s finally here! Now you can import and export your vendor credits and credit memos in and out of more manual entry!

Importing Vendor Credits

Importing Credit Memos

Customizable Export Reports

If you use an accounting system that doesn’t sync with, this will save you loads of time: now you can create and save customizable CSV export profiles, allowing you to match your accounting system’s import format. You no longer need to manipulate each CSV file you download from it exactly the way you need it, every time.

Export Profiles: Customizable Export Reports

Other Sync Enhancements

Other exciting updates to sync include:

  • Shipping Fee support for QuickBooks Online 2.0
  • Length compatibility fixes in certain fields, for Intacct Sync 2.0
  • Fixed some common conflicts for QuickBooks for Windows Sync


In Progress and Testing Inbox and Data Entry

Inbox: Our new Inbox is coming along beautifully. Processing documents from your Inbox will be easier than ever, with an intuitive layout and easy-to-use  workflow. Here’s a  sneak peek at what we have in testing  right now:  

Data Entry: We’re thrilled with Data Entry 2.0, and think you will be, too. Data Entry 2.0 works with a high level of accuracy to eliminate your manual data entry; PDFs less than or equal to 10 pages are automatically sent for processing, and you can send other documents for processing with the click of our new Magic Wand button. Your documents will be processed and ready for review in just 24 hours.


We’ve also improved the Vendor Matching experience, so resolving potential matches from Data Entry is easy:

Inbox 2.0 and Data Entry 2.0 are currently still in the testing phase, but will be in general release in a few months. If you’re interested in participating in the Data Entry 2.0 Pilot Program and providing feedback, please contact us here.