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Setting up a free Basic Payables account

As a small business directed to to pay a bill by a vendor, signing up for a free Basic Payables account has tons of benefits. Use the Network to connect with more vendors who already use to accept payments online! We offer document storage, bill and payment management, and access to our award-winning mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to pay bills on the go!

Setting up a Basic Payables account 

  1. In the email received from the vendor, click Pay Invoice Electronically
  2. Create a password, and make the other required selections
    • For a free Basic Payables account, select Business
    • As an individual/consumer, we recommend selecting Individual
  3. Next, any bills and vendor credits the vendor has already created will be brought in. It may take a few minutes
  4. View the bills ready to be paid
  5. Click Setup Payments
  6. Fill out some information about your company, and then click Next
    • Note: In order to remain compliant with laws and regulations surrounding money movement, a Tax ID is required
  7. Confirm signing authority, agree to the Bill Payment Terms of Service, and click Next
  8. Identity Verification
    • For security purposes, we'll ask a short series of questions from information on public records for identity verification, beginning with name and address
      • IMPORTANT: Ensure use of full first and last name, and home address (usually what's used on a Driver's License). If the name entered in isn't the full first and last name, click Update my legal name. The system will return to this page after making any necessary changes.
  9. After completing identity verification, enter the bank account information, including Bank Name, Bank Account type, Routing and Account Numbers, Tax ID, and Tax ID type. Once all required fields are entered, click Next
  10. After saving the bank information, the bank account needs to be verified. There are two potential methods for verifying the bank account:
    1. Enter the online banking credentials for the bank account 
      • Note: The availability of this option depends on the particular bank. It may not be an available option for all users
    2. will send a test transaction (less than $1) to the bank account, which may be verified in 1-2 business days
  11. Once the test transaction is received:
    1. In the account, hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings
    2. Under Your Company, click Bank Accounts
    3. Click the bank account number
    4. Click Verify Account
    5. Enter the test transaction amount
    6. Click Verify


Once the bank account is established and verified using one of the methods above, payments can be made through from the Pay screen! 

Things to know

The free Basic Payables account can also be used to pay vendors who don't use! Learn more here: 

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