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Setting up a free Basic Receivables account

This is how a vendor will set up their Basic Receivables account when invited to receive payment electronically.

  1. In the invite email, click Accept Invite. They will be redirected to the signup page.BR_sign_up_email_invite.png
  2. They will fill create a password
  3. Click Sign up Sign_up_page.png
  4. Select whether they are a business, contractor, employee or otheraccount_type_selection.png
  5. Fill out some information about themselves or their company, click Continue Org_interview.png
  6. Enter their bank information
  7. Click Finish Bank_account_set_up.png

Their free Basic Receivables account is ready to use. 

The account will be populated with:

  • The 5 most recent open invoices
  • The last 5 payments received with all coordinating data
    • Invoice the payment was for
    • Any credits applied in conjunction with these payments




Identity Verification

In some cases, we may need additional information to verify the account. If so, on the Overview page, they will see additional step to complete: Verify your identity to activate your bank account