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December 2015 - Release Highlights

Better Account Management

Setting up ePayments for existing vendors

ePayments help you and your vendors get the most out of paying bills using saves you money, and your vendors get paid faster! Now it’s easier than ever to set up ePayments for vendors you’re already paying by check. Clicking “Set up ePayments” for an existing vendor will display potential network matches, and we’ve improved search results to show more relevant and accurate matches when you add new vendors, too!

Set up ePayments for existing vendors


Basic Payables Enhancements


  • Mobile Web and App access
    • Basic Payables users can now pay bills from AR users directly from their smartphone or tablet, using the iPhone app or a mobile browser, and the Android app will be available in the coming weeks!
  • Easy Sign Up
    • Once your customers sign up for a free Basic Payables account, they’ll be taken directly to their bills, which are ready to pay -- for a hassle-free experience.
  • Improved Bill Details Page
    • We’re working on improving the Bill Details page for all accounts in, beginning with Basic Payables. The new layout is cleaner, more intuitive, and makes it easier to process your bills.

Basic Payables - Overview



Basic Payables and Receivables and the Network

Basic account users can now use the Network to connect with their customers and vendors! Although Basic accounts cannot sync with accounting systems, Basic account users can upload their customer/vendor list to quickly see which of their connections use and are ready to connect! We’ll also display Recommendations on your home page, when more customers or vendors join the network, helping everyone get the most out of

Basic Payables and Receivables - Network Vendor / Customer Recommendations

Search for a business in the Network

Sync and API Updates

Sync error management

We know that sync errors can make your sync experience frustrating, and we are constantly working to reduce errors, making syncing easier, stress-free, and more user-friendly. In this release, we’ve made some systematic fixes to address a number of common sync errors.


New App: Tax1099

eFile or mail your 1099s, using the Tax1099 app for! Click to install the Tax1099 in our App Center, and bring 1099 vendors and payments into Easily review, correct information, and eFile your 1099, with just a few clicks! and Tax1099


QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0: Self-service Upgrades

QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0 is ready, and beginning this release, we’re implementing an easy self-upgrade process for users on QuickBooks Online Sync 1.0. We will send you an email when your account is ready for upgrade. After we send out the email, if your account doesn’t have any sync errors, it will be auto-upgraded. If you do have errors, we will auto-upgrade the account as soon as you resolve the errors and run a sync. No need to make an appointment with Customer Support!

Upgrading to QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0


Purchase Order Numbers

This is a very frequently-requested feature, and we’re excited to launch it in this release! (Note: This feature is currently only available for NetSuite Sync 2.0 users. It will be available for Intacct Sync 2.0 in a future release. )

Now, if a bill is created from a purchase order, the PO number will sync to as a read-only field. To help keep your accounting system accurate, and to prevent sync errors, we’ll also show a warning when editing a PO bill in

Bills and NetSuite Purchase Orders


NetSuite Sync 2.0

We’ve been listening to your feedback on NetSuite Sync 2.0, and are working to improve it. In this release, we’ve made several updates to make your sync experience better, including fixing many common sync errors, correcting field length issues, supporting Customer hierarchies, and more!

Syncing with NetSuite


New APIs

API users can now:

  • Send Invoices through US Mail
  • Retrieve summary Payables and Receivables data as displayed in the mobile dashboard
  • Set a bill approval sort order
  • Get user roles and permissions Mobile App - Pay your bills on the go


Performance Improvements

Our award-winning mobile app is getting better and better! In this release, we’re making performance improvements, and we’ve improved filters. We’ve also added push notifications, so you can get alerts as soon as you have a bill ready to approve or pay, and notes with user-tagging, so you can easily keep your team in the loop. These updates will be available shortly in the Apple App Store. Mobile for Android

The mobile app for Android is finally ready! We’re in the final stage of review, and it will be available for download in the Google Play store in the coming weeks.


The Mobile App

In Progress and Beta Testing

Data Entry and Inbox

We’re currently working on making drastic improvements to the Inbox, and Data Entry Service, and we value your feedback! If you’d like to participate in our pilot program, please contact us here.