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How Purchase Orders work with

For better clarity and more streamlined accounting, Purchase Order (PO) numbers sync to on bills and vendor credits that originated from a PO in NetSuite or Intacct.

How it works

For bills and vendor credits originating from purchase orders, we'll display the PO number as a read-only field. 

Additional steps for Intacct

The PO# must be entered into the "Reference Number" field of the bill/vendor credit in Intacct.  

Things to know

  • To avoid sync errors, bills/vendor credits originating from purchase orders should not be edited in We will display a reminder when you click Edit on any bill/vendor credit originating from a PO. 
    • If you need to edit a bill/vendor credit originating from a PO, please edit in NetSuite or Intacct, and not in
  • Purchase order numbers can be viewed when adding documents from the Inbox to existing bills, so you can always be sure of the correct bill.
  • Purchase order numbers are currently only available for NetSuite Sync 2.0 and Intacct Sync 2.0.