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September 2015 - Release Highlights


Easier Account Management

Pay more vendors with ePayments

Our aim is always for you to be able to make your payments quickly and easily. Here are some great changes we’ve made to help with that goal.

ePayment Score

On your Vendors page, you’ll now see a message showing you how many vendors you already have set up to receive ePayments, along with a link to quickly invite vendors you’ve been working with recently.

New “Add Vendor” flow searches Large Billers Network

Oftentimes, paying a large biller (like AT&T,  PG&E, Aetna, etc.) means sending a check - even though you could be paying them electronically through! When you add a new vendor, we already search to see if they’re in our network. Now we’ll search our large biller network as well, and make it easy for you to connect!

Adding New Vendors 

Free Payables Accounts: Now easier for your customers to pay you online

Our new free Basic Payables account will help get more of your customers to pay you online! Rather than having to log in to multiple Customer Portals, they can now sign up for a single account to manage their bank account and all of their vendors, pay invoices, and connect with other companies using the Network!

Basic Payables

Designate Alternate Mailing Address on Checks and Invoices

Now you can add a mailing address for your company. This address will show as your company’s return address on checks and invoices, and will appear in your network profile, making it easier for companies you work with to find and connect with you.

Accountant Resource Center

The new Accountant Resource Center is full of curated tools and advice to help you grow your business using Increase your client acquisition with marketing, sales, and onboarding tools, like templates, videos, handouts, and presentations - all ready for you to use!

Sync Updates

New App: Hubdoc

No more chasing down missing bills and statements, and no more manual data entry - Hubdoc automatically turns your bills from large billers into bills, complete with attached PDF of the bill itself.

Introducing: Hubdoc 

Sync 2.0 for all new accounts using QuickBooks Online and Xero

QuickBooks Online and Xero Syncs 2.0 are now available for all new accounts using those accounting systems, and for existing accounts that haven’t set up the sync yet. The new syncs are easier to set up, and much easier to maintain. We will be reaching out to all Xero and QuickBooks Online Sync 1.0 users to schedule upgrades. You may also contact Customer Support to schedule your upgrade.

QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0

Xero Sync 2.0

Sales Tax and QuickBooks Online

This is a very popular request, and it’s finally available! Tax codes from QuickBooks Online now sync one way to as Sales Tax Items, and Sales Tax on invoices now sync freely between and QuickBooks Online, with Sync 2.0. If you are currently using QuickBooks Online Sync 1.0, you will need to upgrade to 2.0 to use this feature. Please contact Customer Support to schedule an upgrade.

Sales Tax and QuickBooks Online

Sync Only Approved Bills and Vendor Credits

This is another popular request, especially from companies that use the approvals workflow! Beginning with this release, accounts using Sync 2.0 will have the option to sync only bills that have been approved in

Sync only approved bills and vendor credits

Xero and QuickBooks Online: Vendor Credit Application

Vendor credits already sync with Xero and QuickBooks Online, but you used to have to apply them manually in both and your accounting system, which was a pain. Now, when you apply vendor credits in, the application will sync back to Xero/QuickBooks Online - no more double data entry! This feature is only available to users on Xero/QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0. If you are on Sync 1.0, please contact Customer Support to schedule an upgrade.

Vendor Credits

Sync Error Management Improvements

Sometimes when a sync error occurs, one larger error will cause one or more “dependent” errors, which disappear when the larger error is fixed. The appearance of multiple sync errors can be overwhelming and irritating; you may not know where to start. Now, sync errors will be sorted so that the main errors are clearly distinguished; you’ll be able to clear sync errors quickly and easily. We’re doing a slow ramp-up of this feature; Intacct users will see this improvement first, followed by Netsuite Sync 2.0 users, and then Xero and QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0 users.

General Sync Error Management